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Are you finding your clothes full of lint, hair and other debris after the load finishes?

We're going to give you a little insight to what typically causes this to happen. Don't worry too much as this issue is often due to erroneous use and not caused by operational damage.

This weird problem is often the result of overloading your washer with clothes. A compacted load will leave insufficient room for water to enter during rinse cycle and thoroughly wash out the soap and debris. The leftover sudsy residue and debris can build up with time and cause bad smells, performance issues due to clogging and much more.

If this is not the issue, it's also possible that you are using too much detergent which can return lint and debris onto clothing. As such, you should resort to the manual to know how much detergent to use and only put more if it's a super soiled load.

Also, some items are more likely to carry excess debris and lint. The most notable example of this would be any pet bedding, toys, etc. These items should be washed in their own load and might require a bit more detergent than normal. Mixing them with other stuff will cause the lint and debris to just get jumbled up and cling to everything.

What else could possibly be to blame? While unlikely, the spin cycle might not be agitating sufficiently to collect all the lint and debris that's stuck on your clothes. A lack of spin power could either be due to overloading your washer or a defect that needs to be repaired. Try running a very small load and see if the agitation seems inadequate.

Helpful tip

Ever wonder what's a safe amount of laundry to run through your washing machine? The answer to this question will depend on the type of washing machine that you own. For instance, a top-loading washer should be packed lightly. Don't try to force more to fit, just fill it up to the agitator and stop. For a front-loading machine, however, fill it up without compressing the clothes too much. Too much in your machine will put extra stress on the parts to make it spin. All it takes is negligence once to cause long-standing damage to your washer.

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