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Is your freezer working but not actually freezing food?

We will give you some suggestions below on which freezer parts could be acting up and causing this problem.

How old is your freezer? If you've had it for a while, there is a good possibility that the condenser coils are clogged up with dirt. It's recommended that you clean them at least once or twice a year. If you know they aren't properly maintained, give them a look to see if dirt is preventing them from working properly.

Supposing a little cleanup doesn't fix the problem, the next thing to check is whether the evaporator fan motor is correctly working. This part is responsible for distributing air to the evaporator coils. From there, the cold air gets sent throughout the freezer. A fault in the motor will prevent the freezer from distributing cold air, which prevents it from freezing the food inside. If there's no continuity in the motor when tested with a multimeter, it will need to be replaced.

Typically, if the door is open, this motor will be off. A fault in the door switch could trigger the freezer to think the evaporator fan motor shouldn't be running. If this is the case there likely won't be continuity in the switch when tested with a multimeter.

Another possible cause of a freezer not freezer is a defect in the start relay. This part is responsible for activating the compressor. Without the relay working properly, the freezer's compressor will either not work or only work sometimes. You can also check the start relay for continuity with a multimeter to determine whether it's functional. However, do a quick sniff test and also replace the relay if it smells burnt.

Helpful tip

Chest freezers are not supposed to run all the time. Before calling an appliance repair service provider, check if the door gasket is leaking in humid air. Use a paper bill to test. Place it on the bottom of the seal, close the lid and see if you can easily tug the bill out. If it seems loose the seal is not strong enough and, therefore, the door gasket should be replaced. If this isn't the issue, your best bet is to order a service call with a licensed appliance repair technician.

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