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Dishwashers are built to last for 8 to 12 years roughly.

This number does not take into account the excessive wear and tear that many of these machines face. Simply put, appliance owners are too rough on their dishwashers - overloading them, not properly cleaning food, failing to clean the drain filter periodically, etc.

So, it's entirely possible that you will need a dishwasher repair after just 3 to 5 years of ownership. We see this all the time; if you're wondering, the list below goes over a handful of the most common dishwasher problems that are faced early on.

1. Machine Fails to Clean

An object might be obstructing the spray arms and preventing them from spinning properly. If so, the dishes won't get soaked and cleaned off. The detergent dispenser might also not be opening and letting out the detergent as it should. Alternatively, food leftovers might have built up - run an empty, clean cycle, and then try cleaning a load of dishes again.

2. Machine Leaks Out

Is there a pool of water collecting underneath or in front of your dishwasher? The door gasket seal could be broken or gapped due to dirt. We recommend cleaning the seal with a disinfectant spray to see if that's the issue. Alternatively, the float or pressure switch could be defective or the door latch might not be working properly.

3. Machine Fails to Dry

Usually an issue with the drying cycle has to do with the heating element. You can check it for continuity with a multimeter to determine if it has the right amount of electricity. Refer to your owner manual to find out the appropriate ohm reading. If the element is not at fault - check that the high-limit thermostat has continuity as well.

Helpful tip

It's important to keep your dishwasher clean. If your machine is not ran very often, debris will accumulate on the bottom. Make sure your dishwasher is frequently used and this debris is less likely to settle at the bottom and begin clogging the drain pump, hose, etc. Alternatively, make sure to manually clean out the dishwasher before filling it up - either every load, every week or on a similar interval basis. Also, look over the spinning arms and make sure they are kept clean as any clogs can impact performance.

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