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Are you trying to diagnose an issue with your stovetop burners?

We will give you some insight on some common problems, how they can happen and ways to fix them.

We will assume you have sufficient power reaching your stovetop burners, which means they are hooked up to a 240v circuit. Hypothetically, if a burner gives out for any reason, you can troubleshoot and isolate the problem to one of three parts: the burner, its receptacle or its switch.

Now, we want to make sure the burner circuit is operating correctly. The power will come through so long as the circuit is closed. If it is open, the power will be blocked and the burner will no longer continue to produce heat. The thermostat switch for the burner circuit could become defective, which would cause the circuit to either never close or only close intermittently.

The burner itself might just be bad. Switch it out with another burner (that works properly) on your stovetop and see if it works in that spot. If so, the burner itself is likely the problem and replacing it will remedy the issue. If the swapped burner also does not work the problem is with the switch or the receptacle.

Lift up the stovetop surface and examine the terminal where the burner plugs in. Look for visible damage to the wires or burnt metal. If any visible signs of damage are existent, the entire terminal block will need to be replaced.

As for the switch, a multimeter can be used to check for continuity. It is impossible to repair a defective switch so you will need to replace it if the test results indicate no continuity in the switch.

Helpful tip

Cleaning your stovetop and oven is important but you should also be taking care of the range hood above your stove too. In particular, the vent screens must be consistently kept clean because they can clog up with grease. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or clean with a liquid solution to make sure all the moisture and grease is removed from the screens. However, you will need to replace them if your range hood does not offer filters that can be cleaned. Make a habit out of cleaning your range hood filters at least twice a year.

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