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Appliance Repair in Santa Clarita CA - (661) 218-1226

Ranked at the top in Santa Clarita CA, our appliance repair pros are ready to stand by your side for any issues you might endure.

We're highly committed to our clients and receive frequent word-of-mouth referrals because of our consistent results. The experience will be the same for you and your costs will be kept to a minimum because of our fair pricing model.

Your repair job will begin with a diagnostics appointment which will be taken on by one of our licensed and insured repair professionals. You will get a quote for the repair based on our findings and from there you can decide how to proceed.

What makes our billing so fair? We only charge you for two things: parts and labor. We don't have markups on our parts costs either, whatever we pay - you pay. Our labor rates are also kept to the industry standards to ensure you are not ever overcharged.

Our services are available for both individuals and local companies. We provide ongoing support for businesses in the area, which can include emergency assistance and scheduled maintenance. If urgency is a must, you won't regret entrusting our team for all your appliance servicing and repair jobs.

Let's get started. We're here to help and have a diverse team of expert repair technicians that can help when you need it the most. Regardless of the problem and your appliance model, we have the resources to successfully fix your unit. Our local parts sources are also widely-catalogued with replacement parts for all appliances, including foreign models.

Call (661) 218-1226 today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. We would be delighted to help and can work a same day or next day appointent if your repair needs are extremely urgent. Don't hesititate to call us!

Refrigerator repair in Santa Clarita CA

Let's discuss circuit boards in refrigerators for a moment, please?

This subject is often overlooked by the do-it-yourself refrigerator repair gurus. Unfortunately, simplified advice for circuit board repairs is just non-existent. If the board is damaged it needs to be replaced, unless you are part of the 0.0001% with expert experience to physically repair the board.

That said, you cannot just blame any issue on the control board. Some indication needs to exist that the board is defective and causing issues within the fridge. Otherwise, by replacing this layer you might not achieve anything - as the issue could only affect parts at the surface level.

We will help you understand how to diagnose a fridge that won't turn on, specifically in cases where the circuit board is to blame for that. So, to get started: Unplug / kill power to your refrigerator:

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Washer repair in Santa Clarita CA

Are you finding your clothes full of lint, hair and other debris after the load finishes?

We're going to give you a little insight to what typically causes this to happen. Don't worry too much as this issue is often due to erroneous use and not caused by operational damage.

This weird problem is often the result of overloading your washer with clothes. A compacted load will leave insufficient room for water to enter during rinse cycle and thoroughly wash out the soap and debris. The leftover sudsy residue and debris can build up with time and cause bad smells, performance issues due to clogging and much more.

If this is not the issue, it's also possible that you are using too much detergent which can return lint and debris onto clothing. As such, you should resort to the manual to know how much detergent to use and only put more if it's a super soiled load.

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Dryer repair in Santa Clarita CA

A lack of heat to a dryer can be caused by literally a dozen different parts working wrong.

This problem is not easy to diagnose by yourself, unless you get lucky and it's something simple like a blown thermal fuse. We recommend you get a professional to take a look at your dryer; if you insist on troubleshooting at home, get your multimeter ready!

So, it's not the thermal fuse? Check the igniter for continuity. All good? What about the heating element, did that past the test? Now, what about the flame sensor? When using a multimeter to check this, it's imperative to test for continuity when the sensor is at room temperature.

Continuing down the line: if it's none of the above, what about the cycling thermostat? This part is responsible for regulating the temperature and controls when heat turns on and shuts off to keep the temperature controlled. If there's no continuity, there's your problem.

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Dishwasher repair in Santa Clarita CA

Dishwashers are built to last for 8 to 12 years roughly.

This number does not take into account the excessive wear and tear that many of these machines face. Simply put, appliance owners are too rough on their dishwashers - overloading them, not properly cleaning food, failing to clean the drain filter periodically, etc.

So, it's entirely possible that you will need a dishwasher repair after just 3 to 5 years of ownership. We see this all the time; if you're wondering, the list below goes over a handful of the most common dishwasher problems that are faced early on.

1. Machine Fails to Clean

An object might be obstructing the spray arms and preventing them from spinning properly. If so, the dishes won't get soaked and cleaned off. The detergent dispenser might also not be opening and letting out the detergent as it should. Alternatively, food leftovers might have built up - run an empty, clean cycle, and then try cleaning a load of dishes again.

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Freezer repair in Santa Clarita CA

Is your freezer working but not actually freezing food?

We will give you some suggestions below on which freezer parts could be acting up and causing this problem.

How old is your freezer? If you've had it for a while, there is a good possibility that the condenser coils are clogged up with dirt. It's recommended that you clean them at least once or twice a year. If you know they aren't properly maintained, give them a look to see if dirt is preventing them from working properly.

Supposing a little cleanup doesn't fix the problem, the next thing to check is whether the evaporator fan motor is correctly working. This part is responsible for distributing air to the evaporator coils. From there, the cold air gets sent throughout the freezer. A fault in the motor will prevent the freezer from distributing cold air, which prevents it from freezing the food inside. If there's no continuity in the motor when tested with a multimeter, it will need to be replaced.

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Oven repair in Santa Clarita CA

What do you need to do to fix a problematic convection fan?

The most likely issue is a defective motor. By replacing the motor your convection fan should be working like normal once again. For diagnosis purposes, use a small pointy object to turn the fan blades manually. If there's resistance, the convection fan motor is most likely defective.

Firstly, take the cover off to gain access to the convection fan. After that, the nut keeping the fan in place will need to be taken out. While most screws and nuts come out counter-clockwise, as weird as it is, you might find yourself having to go the opposite way.

Next, take the rear panel off of your oven and gain access to the convection fan motor, typically held in place by a few screws. Connect the new motor in place of the old one. You might need to modify the connector to make it work with the new motor. If you don't have wiring experience, you might want to leave this to an oven repair professional instead.

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Range/Stove repair in Santa Clarita CA

Are you trying to diagnose an issue with your stovetop burners?

We will give you some insight on some common problems, how they can happen and ways to fix them.

We will assume you have sufficient power reaching your stovetop burners, which means they are hooked up to a 240v circuit. Hypothetically, if a burner gives out for any reason, you can troubleshoot and isolate the problem to one of three parts: the burner, its receptacle or its switch.

Now, we want to make sure the burner circuit is operating correctly. The power will come through so long as the circuit is closed. If it is open, the power will be blocked and the burner will no longer continue to produce heat. The thermostat switch for the burner circuit could become defective, which would cause the circuit to either never close or only close intermittently.

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Helpful tip

Keep proper care of the range hood fan that's above your oven. Inspect the filter every so often to make sure it's not clogged full of dirt and grease. You can soak filters with dish soap and hot water to get them clean. Also, any basic cleaning product will typically work to clean the dirt and grease out from the screen. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush for semi-abrasive cleaning. If your range hood uses charcoal filters, it's recommended to at least change the filters once annually - if your stove is used excessively, use your own judgment.

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